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Author(s): Kate Brown
Book Pages: 152 - Publish Date: 2013-11-13 - Publisher: A&C Black
Description: Looking for time saving, creative, ready-to-use activities to kick-start and round up your lessons? Look no further!
Author(s): Kate Brown
Book Pages: 198 - Publish Date: 2015-05 - Publisher: University of Chicago Press
Description: The author "wanders the Chernobyl Zone of Alienation, first on the Internet and then in person, to figure out which version -- the real or the virtual -- is the actual forgery. She also takes us to the basement of a hotel in Seattle to examine the personal possessions left in storage by Japanese Americans on their way to internment camps in 1942. In Uman, Ukraine, we hide with Brown in a tree in o...
Book Pages: 76 - Publish Date: 2015-02-08 - Publisher: CreateSpace
Description: At the end of each chapter is a page where you can draw your own pictures. Firey Lizard Cove--a strange place to live, exciting place to visit. When Skeetle-The-Beetle and Duke-The-Chameleon have to fix Queeny's water problem, they end up on a curious trip to Firey Lizard Cove where they meet Firey Lizard, the Faces, invisible Sprites, Big Horned Beetles, and the real Witch Hazel. Firey Lizard is ...
Author(s): Kate BROWN
Book Pages: 322 - Publish Date: 2009-06-30 - Publisher: Harvard University Press
Description: This is a biography of a borderland between Russia and Poland, a region where, in 1925, people identified as Poles, Germans, Jews, Ukrainians, and Russians lived side by side. Over the next three decades, this mosaic of cultures was modernized and homogenized out of existence by the ruling might of the Soviet Union, then Nazi Germany, and finally, Polish and Ukrainian nationalism. By the 1950s, th...
Author(s): Kate Brown
Book Pages: 340 - Publish Date: 2017-06-19 - Publisher: Seren
Description: ‘Dark and rich, The Women of Versailles is filled with political intrigue, sexual awakening, and the roots of revolution.’ – Peggy Riley. In The Women of Versailles, the narrative slips between the decadent world of Versailles during the reign of Louis XV and the day, just before the French revolution in 1789, that Versailles is stormed by the women of Paris and Louis XVI is forced to move t...
Author(s): Kate Virginia
Book Pages: 392 - Publish Date: 2007-09 - Publisher: iUniverse
Description: "At night, when it is dusk and everything is settled down for the evening, I often walk outside and look at everything in silhouette and thank God that I have made it this far. I have lived long enough to enjoy all the fruits of my labor and have changed my life for the better." Kate Virginia has taken the long road home. In her gripping, true-life story, she details how she first suffers unthinka...
Author(s): Kate Brown
Book Pages: Unknown - Publish Date: 1997-10 - Publisher: Macmillan Reference USA
Description: None
Author(s): Kate Harrison
Book Pages: 416 - Publish Date: 2011-06-16 - Publisher: Hachette UK
Description: A bittersweet novel about re-inventing yourself from the author of THE STARTER MARRIAGE. Shy, sweet-natured Lucy Collins is used to being pushed around. For the first eighteen years of her life, her widowed mother Judith ruled the roost. Now Lucy's husband, her seven-year-old daughter and even Buster the cat boss her about. But her mother's premature death leaves Lucy an orphan at the age of thirt...
Author(s): Kate Brown
Book Pages: 77 - Publish Date: 2010 - Publisher: David Fickling Books
Description: They tell a prophecy of our homelands being crushed by a falling sky. That fate has been a shadow over our people ever since. The end has begun . . . in my lifetime. Bekka and her people are facing the end of times. They must do all in their power to save themselves from the fate they believe is theirs. But destiny is like a tightly coiled snake. Which Bekka must unfurl without getting bitten . . .
Author(s): Kate Brown
Book Pages: 416 - Publish Date: 2013-03-15 - Publisher: Oxford University Press
Description: While many transnational histories of the nuclear arms race have been written, Kate Brown provides the first definitive account of the great plutonium disasters of the United States and the Soviet Union. In Plutopia, Brown draws on official records and dozens of interviews to tell the extraordinary stories of Richland, Washington and Ozersk, Russia-the first two cities in the world to produce plut...