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Author(s): Vicky Lebeau
Book Pages: 137 - Publish Date: 2001 - Publisher: Wallflower Press
Description: Lebeau examines the long and uneven history of developments in modern art, science, and technology that brought pychoanalysis and the cinema together towards the end of the nineteenth century. She explores the subsequent encounters between the two: the seductions of psychoanalysis and cinema as converging, though distinct, ways of talking about dream and desire, image and illusion, shock, and sexu...
Author(s): Daniel Pick
Book Pages: 143 - Publish Date: 2015 - Publisher: Oxford University Press, USA
Description: Since its inception, psychoanalysis has been hailed as a revolutionary theory of how the mind works, whilst some of its ideas such as the Oedipus complex have become part of everyday conversation. In Psychoanalysis: A Very Short Introduction, Daniel Pick offers a lucid, lively, and wide-ranging survey of psychoanalysis. This book offers the reader a flavour of what it might be like to enter treatm...
Book Pages: 384 - Publish Date: 2008-02-19 - Publisher: Polity
Description: The publication in English of Serge Moscovici's Psychoanalysis, Its Image and Its Public is an event of singular importance for social psychology. For the first time, English-speaking readers will have access to one of the most influential books published in the discipline in the past 30 years. Moscovici's development of the theory of social representations has long been recognised as a major cont...
Author(s): Maria Walsh
Book Pages: 155 - Publish Date: 2013-02-05 - Publisher: I.B.Tauris
Description: Often derided as unscientific and self-indulgent, psychoanalysis has been an invaluable resource for artists, art critics and historians throughout the twentieth century. Art and Psychoanalysis investigates these encounters. The shared relationship to the unconscious, severed from Romantic inspiration by Freud, is traced from the Surrealist engagement with psychoanalytic imagery to the contemporar...
Author(s): Juliet Mitchell
Book Pages: 456 - Publish Date: 2000-01 - Publisher: Basic Books (AZ)
Description: A groundbreaking book-the first to argue that feminism must draw on psychoanalysis to understand the ideological oppression of women.
Author(s): E. Ann Kaplan
Book Pages: 249 - Publish Date: 1990 - Publisher: Psychology Press
Description: These fifteen carefully chosen essays by well-known scholars demonstrate the vitality and variety of psychoanalytic film criticism, as well as the crucial role feminist theory has played in its development. Among the films discussed are Duel in the Sun, The Best Years of Our Lives, Three Faces of Eve, Tender is the Night, Pandora's Box, Secrets of the Soul, and the works of Jacques Tourneur (director of The Cat People and other features).
Book Pages: 364 - Publish Date: 1992 - Publisher: Jason Aronson
Description: This work reviews the history of the feminist and psychoanalytic theory of female development and personality. The book aims to offer therapists more effective perspectives on psychotherapy in relation to women by providing an integration of the two subject areas.
Book Pages: 190 - Publish Date: 2001-01-01 - Publisher: Springer Science & Business Media
Description: This book is the proceedings of an International Conference on Challenges of Psychoanalysis in the 21st Century: Psychoanalysis, Health and Psychosexuality in the Era of Virtual Reality, held 15-17 September, 2000, in Geneva, Switzerland. Psychoanalysis has become a basic psychiatric science in very much the same way as the neurosciences or epidemiology. However, there is a certain present-day dis...
Author(s): Sigmund Freud
Book Pages: 406 - Publish Date: 1965 - Publisher: Library of Alexandria
Description: None
Author(s): Wilfred R. Bion
Book Pages: 120 - Publish Date: 1984-12-31 - Publisher: Karnac Books
Description: Elements is a discussion of categorising the ideational context and emotional experience that may occur in a psychoanalytic interview. The text aims to expand the reader's understanding of cognition and its clinical ramifications.

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