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Transplantation - Free Medical Books
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Author(s): David Hamilton
Book Pages: 576 - Publish Date: 2012 - Publisher: University of Pittsburgh Pre
Description: "The first book of its kind, A History of Organ Transplantation examines the evolution of surgical tissue replacement from classical times to the medieval period to the present day. This volume will be useful to undergraduates, graduate students, scholars, surgeons, and the general public. Both Western and non-Western experiences as well as folk practices are included."--Project Muse.
Book Pages: 481 - Publish Date: 1994 - Publisher: Martinus Nijhoff Publishers
Description: Organ transplantation has, over a period of a few decades, evolved from a daring experimental medical procedure to a widely used health technology. Many lives have been saved, and the quality of life of many other persons has been immeasurably improved. There is now an abundant literature on the medical aspects of transplantation, and an increasing number of books on the legal and ethical aspects ...
Author(s): Michel Rieu
Book Pages: 188 - Publish Date: 1998 - Publisher: Karger Medical and Scientific Publishers
Description: This publication brings together the work of leading international experts involved in the study of physical rehabilitation after transplant operations. The main sections of this book are concerned with cardiac transplantation. Subjects include cardiovascular adaptation to exercise after a heart transplantation, dysfunction of the left ventricle of transplanted hearts, and the neuroendocrine respo...
Author(s): Simon Gelman
Book Pages: 254 - Publish Date: 1987 - Publisher: W B Saunders Company
Description: Devoted exclusively to the problems of anesthesia and organ transplantation. Details how the physiology of organ failure, technical aspects of transplant operations, and aggressive immunosuppressive therapy impact successful anesthetic management. Also encompasses anesthesiologic problems in organ replantation, blood transfusion, and postoperative management of the critically ill transplant patient, complicated by possible organ rejection and infection.
Author(s): Judith Fox
Book Pages: 169 - Publish Date: 2006-01-01 - Publisher: Nova Publishers
Description: Kidney transplantation has revolutionised the treatment of end-stage renal failure. Not only does it offer the best hope for complete rehabilitation, but it has also proved to be the most cost-effective of all treatment options, including dialysis. The surgical techniques involved have been mastered for half a century and are now considered routine. Nevertheless, this should not prevent us from appreciating the range and complexity of the issues surrounding kidney transplantation. This book examines the latest research in this field including rejection.
Author(s): David Petechuk
Book Pages: 195 - Publish Date: 2006 - Publisher: Greenwood Publishing Group
Description: An introduction to issues and controversies surrounding organ transplantation and healthcare
Book Pages: 586 - Publish Date: 2016-11-01 - Publisher: Springer
Description: This comprehensive textbook, covering all aspects of the perioperative management of patients undergoing organ transplantation, serves as the standard reference for clinicians who care for transplant patients on a day-to-day basis as well as those who encounter organ transplantation only occasionally in their clinical practice. Anesthesia and Perioperative Care for Organ Transplantation covers tra...
Author(s): Nadey S. Hakim
Book Pages: 252 - Publish Date: 1997-01-01 - Publisher: OECD Publishing
Description: This book provides an overview of the current status of transplant surgery for students and trainees with an interest in this field. It opens with introductory chapters on the basic science of immunobiology, the HLA system and ethics, and then examines through an organ-based structure the practice of transplantation in each major system, from skin to intestine. Issues of line-related transplantation, coordination and the role of therapeutics are also discussed.
Author(s): Fredric D. Gordon
Book Pages: 199 - Publish Date: 2006-08 - Publisher: Jones & Bartlett Learning
Description: Whether you or a loved one is contemplating liver transplantation, on the waiting list for liver transplantation, or are a transplant recipient, the options and information about this surgery can be overwhelming. This invaluable resource offers the guidance and advice you need. Written by a prominent physician, this book gives you authoritative, practical answers to your pre- and post-surgery questions about indications, evaluation, medications and side effects, living donor transplantation, and much more.
Book Pages: 145 - Publish Date: 2009 - Publisher: Karger Medical and Scientific Publishers
Description: As recent advances in immunosuppression and apheresis techniques have opened new avenues for the management of humoral immunity, interest in ABO-incompatible kidney transplantation has been renewed. Moreover, new screening techniques ' such as the single antigen bead assay ' allow for the detection and definition of very low levels of alloantibody, which has had a positive impact on the treatment ...