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Author(s): Robert M. Veatch
Book Pages: 461 - Publish Date: 1997-01-01 - Publisher: Jones & Bartlett Learning
Description: Health Sciences & Nutrition
Author(s): Thomas Percival
Book Pages: 246 - Publish Date: 1803 - Publisher: Unknown
Description: None
Book Pages: 329 - Publish Date: 2009 - Publisher: LIT Verlag Münster
Description: Medical Ethics in Health Care Chaplaincy is a response to the new challenges spiritual care providers are confronted with. This rich collection of essays brings together the experience, approaches, and research of many United States and German scholars in the area of ethics, medicine, theology, psychology, and spiritual care.
Book Pages: 270 - Publish Date: 2008 - Publisher: Elsevier Health Sciences
Description: This is a short textbook of ethics and law aimed primarily at medical students. The book is in two sections. The first considers general aspects of ethics (in the context of medicine); the second section covers the topics identified in the 'consensus agreement' (consent, confidentiality, genetics, reproductive medicine, children, mental health, end of life, resource allocation, research, and disease, disability and human enhancement). The content of medical law is not intended to be comprehensive and relates very much to the ethical issues.
Book Pages: 172 - Publish Date: 2009 - Publisher: Radcliffe Publishing
Description: This ground-breaking and highly regarded book explores the central ethical issues arising from the day-to-day care of older patients. This Third Edition incorporates key recent developments including guidance from the General Medical Council and the National Council for Palliative Care on consent and refusal of treatment, The Mental Capacity Act 2005 and the NHS Code of Practice on Confidentiality...
Author(s): Winfried Schleiner
Book Pages: 230 - Publish Date: 1997-01 - Publisher: Georgetown University Press
Description: This book is the first comprehensive examination of medical ethics in the Renaissance. It investigates the ethical considerations, evaluations of procedures, and techniques of problem-solving in the writings of European physicians and surgeons from the mid-sixteenth through the mid-seventeenth centuries. While much of the medical practice and literature of the Renaissance remained a continuation o...
Book Pages: 120 - Publish Date: 2016-12-27 - Publisher: John Wiley & Sons
Description: Medical Ethics, Law and Communication at a Glance presents a succinct overview of these key areas of the medical curriculum. This new title aims to provide a concise summary of the three core, interlinked topics essential to resolving ethical dilemmas in medicine and avoiding medico-legal action. Divided into two sections; the first examines the ethical and legal principles underpinning each medic...
Book Pages: 800 - Publish Date: 2016-04-07 - Publisher: Oxford University Press
Description: This classic textbook has provided students of medical law and ethics with a framework for exploring this fascinating subject for over 30 years. Providing coverage of all of the topics found on medical law courses, it gives an overview of the inter-relationship between ethical medical practiceand the law. Medical law is significantly shaped by the courts, and as such this book provides extensive c...
Author(s): Paul A. Komesaroff
Book Pages: 241 - Publish Date: 1995 - Publisher: Duke University Press
Description: Setting out the implications of the postmodern condition for medical ethics, Troubled Bodies challenges the contemporary paradigms of medical ethics and reconceptualizes the nature of the field. Drawing on recent developments in philosophy, philosophy of science, and feminist theory, this volume seeks to expand familiar ethical reflections on medicine to incorporate new ways of thinking about the ...
Author(s): Robert M. Veatch
Book Pages: 380 - Publish Date: 2000 - Publisher: Jones & Bartlett Learning
Description: Cross Cultural Perspectives in Medical Ethics is an anthology of readings on the medical ethics of the major religious, philosophical, and medical traditions. It starts with the definitive twentieth century analysis of the Hippocratic Oath and then shows how most religious and philosophical traditions differ from the ethical commitments contained in that classic document. The second edition includes, For the first time, articles presenting perspectives on both African and African-American medical ethics.

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