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Book Pages: 394 - Publish Date: 2012-04-17 - Publisher: Simon and Schuster
Description: Draws on the latest research in an introduction to the Boston University Professor of Medicine's DASH program for lasting weight loss that explains how to calculate calorie targets and adapt favorite recipes while lowering health risks. 50,000 first printing.
Author(s): Shaun Brodison
Book Pages: 200 - Publish Date: 2010-01 - Publisher: Strategic Book Publishing
Description: Discover a step-by-step framework to losing weight in today's society with Secrets to Effective Weight Loss. Myths about weight loss and exercise are everywhere. This book cuts through the nonsense with real scientific information about the best way to achieve your ideal body. In this indispensible guide, you will find everything you need to succeed; * Tips on tailoring your lifestyle to enhance w...
Book Pages: 168 - Publish Date: 2006-11-01 - Publisher: Filipacchi Publishing
Description: An updated and expanded edition of the popular weight-loss handbook offers a ten-step program designed to help women create and maintain a healthy lifestyle regardless of their stage in life in order to lose weight and keep it off forever, covering such topics as nutrition and calorie requirements, meal planning ideas, exercise guidelines, health risks, and more. Reprint.
Author(s): Janet Thomson
Book Pages: 149 - Publish Date: 2008-04-18 - Publisher: Troubador Publishing Ltd
Description: Unlike any other ‘diet’ book, this programme helps you totally change how you think and feel about food making weight loss inevitable. Includes dynamic psychological techniques to reprogram your mind, with easy to follow nutritional guidelines. All you will ever need to lose weight and feel good about yourself
Book Pages: 400 - Publish Date: 2005-12-06 - Publisher: Penguin
Description: Shed those pounds the healthy way. This brand-new edition of The Complete Idiot's Guide to Healthy Weight Loss not only gives readers critical information on nutrition and health-it also delivers everything they need to know about the mental and exercise pieces of the weight- loss puzzle. In addition, it presents a comprehensive overview of today's most popular diets, chapters on such major diet t...
Author(s): Dr.Rajeshwari
Book Pages: 128 - Publish Date: 1995-04-04 - Publisher: Pustak Mahal
Description: This book is aimed at those who would like to treat themselves naturally through the simple methods given. An attempt has been made to cover every kind of obesity and different types of natural treatment like diet therapy, exercise and acupressure. A chapter has been devoted to tell the readers and to show how one can eat one s way to a slim figure. Lately, in fact, there have been many outstandin...
Author(s): Jonni Good
Book Pages: 124 - Publish Date: 2003-01-01 - Publisher: Wet Cat Ebooks
Description: Our instincts prime our appetites to love the taste of sweet food. Unfortunately, refined sugar and white flour tap into this natural instinct - and these unnatural products are both fattening and addictive. In fact, the World Health Organization has recently released a report that claims that the obesity epidemic is caused, in part, by too much sugar in our diets. But how can we cut down on sugar...
Author(s): David Wilson
Book Pages: 71 - Publish Date: 2009 - Publisher: ShieldCrest
Description: How can you say you have failed at weight loss when you have never been taught the right way to do it? If you are one of the many millions of people who are sick, tired and fed up with being overweight and you're confused about why you can't lose the weight and get yourself in shape, this book is for you.
Author(s): John Ratcliffe
Book Pages: 322 - Publish Date: 2005 - Publisher: Penton Overseas, Inc
Description: The Glycemic Index (GI) eating has shattered the myths about dieting, forever. This essential new approach to lifelong health offers real solutions to weight loss, heart disease, cholesterol and diabetes.
Author(s): Gerard J Musante
Book Pages: 319 - Publish Date: 2008-01-01 - Publisher: Simon and Schuster
Description: Outlines a behavioral approach to lifestyle change by the founder and director of Durham's Structure House, explaining the author's philosophies about the connection between weight and a person's relationship with food, in a guide that defines problematic eating patterns while making specific recommendations for achieving lasting weight loss. Reprint. 50,000 first printing.

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